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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Maineiacs Draft Recap

Here's a recap of the Maineiacs draft yesterday, with all of their picks in each round.

Round 1, Pick 1- Dillon Fournier, D, Lac St-Louis
Round 2, Pick 21- Christophe Lalonde, W, Saint-Eustache
Round 3, Pick 48- Brayden Wood, D, Rothsay Netherwood
Round 5, Pick 73- Antoine Bibeau, G, Trois-Rivières
Round 6, Pick 108- Jay Kourkoulis, D, Lac St-Louis
Round 8, Pick 129- Chrostopher Caissey, W, Campbellton
Round 9, Pick 149- Maxime Godin, D, Miramichi
Round 9, Pick 147 - Conner Anthoine, W, GM Blades
Round 11, Pick 183- Sotiris Athanasopoulos, W, Lac St-Louis
Round 12, Pick 199- Cole McDonald, W, Miramichi

Lewiston also picked up goalie Nicholas Champion from Rouyn-Noranda.
There was also a free agent signing - Jonah Coonishish-Coon, a 17-year old,  6'4", 220 lber from Misstisinni, QC.

A productive day for the franchise, and possibly a day folks can look back and say the corner was turned.


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