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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lewiston MAINEiacs announce roster.

The Lewiston MAINEiacs are pleased to announce their roster for the 2010-11 season.

This year's team will begin with a total of 26 players - 15 forwards, 8 defensemen, and 3 goaltenders. 20 of the 26 players have appeared in at least one game at the QMJHL level, while 16 of those 20 have appeared in at least one game with the MAINEiacs. Three of the remaining six were selected at the 2010 QMJHL Entry Draft in Drummondville, one was taken in the CHL Import Draft, one was signed as a free agent during the draft, and one made the team as a training camp invite. 12 players were originally drafted by Lewiston, with 12 other players being acquired via trades.

Due to the amount of players returning, the team's average age will be significantly higher than last season. This year, Lewiston's average age is 17.9 years old, as they are carrying three 20-year olds, four 19-year olds, ten 18-year olds, six 17-year olds, and three 16-year olds. The MAINEiacs also have an average height of 5'11 4/5" and an average weight of 177.7 pounds.

16 of the 26 players hail from the province of Quebec, four are from Nova Scotia, three are from New Brunswick, and there are one each from New Foundland and Prince Edward Island, as well as Russia.

The 2010-11 roster shapes up like this:

1 G Andrey Makarov
2 D Dillon Fournier
3 D Zachary Evans-Renaud
4 D Ian Saab
6 D Samuel Finn
8 LW Marc-Antoine Rousseau
9 LW Christophe Lalonde
10 LW Jonah Coonishish-Coon
12 D Zachary Shannon
13 D Brayden Wood
15 LW Samuel Henley
17 C Cole Hawes
18 C Alex Zafiris
19 LW Pierre-Olivier Morin
21 C Francis Beauvillier
22 RW Stefan Fournier
23 LW Etienne Brodeur
26 C Michael Chaput
27 LW Cameron Critchlow
31 G Nicholas Champion
41 G Jordan Kennedy
44 D Olivier Dame-Malka
55 D Samuel Carrier
57 LW Antoine Houde-Caron
68 C Jess Tanguy
73 C Matthew Bissonnette


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